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    If you have any questions about tagging, please post them here.

    To delete the previous year’s tags:

    1. Go to the “Tag Butterfly” page


    2. Hold down the CTRL key on your keyboard and tap the minus key (next to the zero) so that the page fits on your screen and you can read the [Submit] button at the bottom of the page.

    3. Mouse over the [Submit] button and click – this will remove the tag number in your dropdown menu. Continue to do so until the first tag for this current series shows up. This year’s tags are the M series.

    PLEASE BE CAREFUL! The first time I did this I nearly deleted some of this season’s tags. Keep checking by using the down arrow next to the tag number, to see how many are left to be deleted. You could even delete the numbers after you’ve requested tags (and before the numbers are allocated!).

    Oh! And when you’ve finished hold down the CTRL key on your keyboard and tap the plus key (next to the minus) so that your page returns to the usual size. (This is called the Zoom function.)

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    Hi Julia

    Did you request the paper butterflies when you ordered tags? There are very few left and as they were a sponsored product, they will be discontinued (until we can find a sponsor). We don’t presume you want paper butterflies/practice tags unless you request them.

    I just looked through the system and cannot see where you have requested tags at all. Did you order them here:


    If you wanted paper butterflies then you need to add that in the Comments section. You will get a confirmation that they’re on their way, when the tags are issued. This can take up to a week.


    Julia de Carvalho

    Hi Jaqui,
    I ordered 50 tags. Can I get the paper butterflies to practise please? I DIY 2 butterfly houses as the wasps do not leave larvas alone 🙁 Hope I will be able to do this properly 🙂

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