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    Hi everyone

    We have been tagging Monarch butterflies for 9 or so years now. Full information is here:


    The aim is to find out about the Monarch’s winter behaviour, so we try and tag the overwintering generation, not those butterflies that emerge through spring and summer.

    Each year there is a new series of tags and these can be ordered from February onwards. Tagging begins on 1 March so we can tag the last generation of Monarchs for the season, and continue tagging until the last butterfly emerges.

    We do not tag all year round. Monarchs that we tag after 1 March in any given year are likely to overwinter. We hope to be able to find them returning to gardens in the spring – or at their overwintering site.

    Butterflies that emerge during the spring and summer are likely to reproduce and continue the species.

    To order tags, Once you have registered you can request tags (after February each year). Login and then select ‘Dashboard’ on the home page. Under the ‘Research’ tab, select ‘Request Tags’. If you are new to tagging and want to practise first you can also order practise tags and paper butterflies. These are free.

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