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    We need to make more people aware that there are tagged butterflies out there. Yesterday I posted on our Facebook page that there are monarchs out there and it has created a lot of interest.


    In case you can’t read the post it said:

    “I have started tagging my butterflies today. If you notice any monarch butterflies on flowers in your garden please report the sighting on http://www.mb.org.nz. The MBNZT has been learning about their overwintering behaviour and habitats over the past 15 years. Your help would be appreciated!
    If you want to join us tagging, go to


    to find out more. Video here:


    I will try to get similar posts today in various community groups to which I belong. (You can only do 20 at a time). But nothing to stop you doing your own as well, if you use Facebook. If you use Neighbourly, there’s another opportunity. Also you may want to contact your local newspaper as there’s a great story for them there. If they’re interested, email me and I’ll send them a press release. jacqui@nzbutterflies.org.nz

    If you don’t want your photo in the paper, see if you can find a child and get one of your tagged monarchs to sit on their finger for the photo shoot. The colder the butterfly is, the longer it will sit – you can put it in the fridge while you wait for the photographer!

    Or here is a great photo to use. If you can please acknowledge Anna Barnett for her beautiful photo.


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