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    Hi everyone:

    Do take a look at this. This is how it should work.


    This report works fine, because the tagger has loaded their data in as they tagged, the tagged has ensured that their geocodes (latitude and longitude) loaded correctly against their address, and also the spotter, the person who saw the butterfly, also put their address in correctly so that the system looked up their geocodes.

    When we get consistent maps (with this information) I'll really be thrilled. To do that, we need more people aware of the project and we need more people tagging.

    If your latitude and longitude don't appear when you log in, check out these thoughts:

    1. If you live in a flat or apartment etc, just use the street number. The system doesn't know about the buildings at the address.

    2. If you live in a rural area, and don't know the number, try measuring the kilometres from the start of the road and this should give you your "street number".

    4. If you see a butterfly – or release it – in a park or reserve – use the address where you left your vehicle. No doubt you got there somehow by vehicle? If the nearest house is 22, and the house next door to that is 24, then use the number 20. If you think this is "too approximate" add details to clarify the address in the comments section.

    You can check your latitude/longitude out here:


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    Another option is http://www.getaddress.net. Pick the spot on the map and it will tell you which address to use, along with a ridiculously precise set of co-ordinates.

    When I go to enter a tag the latitude and longitude that appear when I enter the address correspond to the middle of the front boundary, but using google maps I can give you the co-ordinates of whereabouts I was standing in the back garden! However those fields are locked so I can't improve them. Still I suppose a few metres doesn't matter much if it's going to fly to another city.

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