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    Jacqui wanted me to let everyone know that we now have a tagger in Dunedin – the word must be getting out there!

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    Great to have you with us Kirby.



    An article in a suburban newspaper is what brought the tagging project, and therefore this site, to my attention. One of my friends mentioned it to me via that publication, or I would not have known about it at all!
    I don’t buy the main city newspaper, or watch telly much, so the “ye olde suburban newspaper” – in my opinion – has one of the best bets of being read.

    Good luck in Dunedin with your butteries, I’m an ex-Dunedinite myself!



    That would be great Jennifer, the letters seem to be doing the trick. I am having some good interest here in Pukekohe and have organised an article in the Manawhatu Standard. Still working on some other publications as well.



    I am the tagger! Only released 16 tagged so far. I have as many to go and if this lovely weather lasts they may have a chance. I dont really want to keep them overwinter. I have other interests! And the chances of anyone picking up a tagged one out of just 16 is a bit slight! I am going to write a letter to the paper to encourage people to look out for tags and overwintering clusters and to get involved in tagging next year.



    Wow that’s great news Alison.
    Is there only 1 in Dunedin?

    I might try and persuade my daughter to grow some swan plants next season and have a go at tagging butterflies.
    If not I will get her to keep her eyes peeled for tagged butterflies.


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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