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    Hi, I was just wondering if anyone else gets no map when they try to see and how far the butterfly travelled. I had this alot last year too. Sometimes my maps are fine, but other times it comes up with Apologies, not found.

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    My apologies, it was a thread entitled “testing” under “Need Help with the Forum” and although it addressed the issue it may not have answered your question.

    There is a problem with times on our site at present. We are waiting for Sandfield to evaluate how much it will cost to get it fixed. Since the website was set up and WordPress was installed there have been a lot of changes in the way the internet “happens” and suddenly our time zone is out of kilter with GMT and universal time and it keeps on reverting to a different time zone, hence the problem.

    Sometimes the map happens straight away, and other times it doesn’t. Possibly this is caused by different people reporting sightings having different settings on their computers. It will be fixed. Maps usually show up after about 24 hours. Sorry about that.



    Because, this post is in the main section of the forum. I think if you look in the research part of the forum you will see where this has been discussed

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