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    Chrissie Ward (Nelson) wrote a letter to her local paper and it is having dividends – more people looking out for tagged Monarchs. So I am copying the text here and feel free to adapt it and send it off to your local newspaper or papers. Thanks Chrissie. (To the schools – this would be a great exercise in written language!) The newspaper has subtitled it "look out for dotted wings"


    This is the time of year when monarch butterflies are being tagged.

    Please, everyone, look out now for monarchs with a white dot on one of their hindwings. The tagging of monarchs is an ongoing research project designed to find out whether the New Zealand butterflies migrate for the winter, and if they do, how far they travel.

    The tags are paper disks, less than one centimetre across, which have printed on them a unique code plus the postal and website addresses of the Monarch Butterfly New Zealand Trust. Soon after a butterfly hatches, a human friend attaches a tag to its wing. The butterfly is sent on its way with a wish for its safety, and a hope that it may live through the winter and start a new generation next spring.

    If you would like to be part of the tagging programme, you can get tags free by registering on the website, https://www.monarch.org.nz.

    If you find a tagged butterfly, please contact the Monarch Butterfly New Zealand Trust, the address is on the tag, recording the tag number and when and where you found the butterfly – alive or not.

    Feel free to change as you see fit. Char sent it to the Western Leader and Central Leader and so far it’s appeared in at least three of Auckland city’s suburban newspapers – as a story with a great photo thanks to Cos Ray (Tauranga member).

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    Good letter Chrissie, glad it’s got people looking. Hope it’ll be in the freebies too – The Leader & Waimea Weekly – as many folk don’t get the local daily newspaper. Our Leader (Tasman area) is often quite different from the Nelson copy. J

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