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    This is my first ever time of raising Monarchs and I am so fascinated by the process its amazing….. I have a butterfly castle and the plants inside and several in Pupa stage and varying degree’s of different sized caterpillars still munching away.

    My question is how long before the Pupa’s hatch? I thought it was only 1 1/2 weeks and some of mine are almost three weeks now, so getting worried….. They have beautiful gold spotting on them which twinkles in the sunlight.

    Is it the cooler weather delaying them?

    Also what happens in the winter? Does the cycle still happen?


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    Yes, “typically” it’s said to be a couple of weeks but it does depend on the weather.

    Monarchs “overwinter” – they go into diapause (i.e. they’re sexually mature but won’t breed until spring) and find somewhere they can overwinter.



    I have just re-read the faq’s and see I misread and it can take up to 4 weeks 🙂

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