Te Puna Quarry Park – photos – cluster, butterfly house and gardens

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    Hope to get down to Te Puna soon Mary. Be good to catch up with you  Mary and see the area 🙂



    News from Te Puna Quarry Park  The clustering Monarchs have now been on the Punga fronds and a kanuka tree for 3 weeks  some flying around others just hanging it is difficult to photo them

    they are a bit high up will try again tomorrow from one of the “Boys”trucks.  Jacqui’s photos , a lot of sex!  but I suppose that is what we want before it gets too cold or do we want them to go into diapose, hibernate and keep the life cycle turning.

    It is hard work keeping up with Nature so far so good it has been an exciting year with our new butterfly house and now butterflies clustering, one hicup we ran out of water for 2 weeks but all is well now.                       Have been tagging lots of butterflies, we release them every couple of days when visitors are aroud they get to make a wish when the butterfly flies away.






    That’s great to hear, Errol (that you could see the photos).

    Te Puna Quarry Park is just north of Tauranga. Mary Parkinson created the butterfly garden there – although there are various other “gardens” – orchids, sculpture, clivia etc – in a disused quarry. Absolutely amazing!



    Thanks for the photos Jacqui. I don’t know where Te Puna is and am probably never likely to get there, but it is nice to see that the monarchs are being raised in such numbers. Looking at the clusters of monarchs on the punga fronds, do they over winter there?

    By the way I’m not onFB, yet still was able to see the photos.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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