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    Tauriko Planet Pals

    Hello. I am a teacher from Tauriko School in Tauranga. I am in charge of the school’s environmental team, the Planet Pals. I have ordered a couple of sheets of tagging stickers and would really like someone experienced in tagging to come and teach a team of students how to safely tag our monarch butterflies. We have a butterfly garden with a number of established swan plants and lots of caterpillars so are hoping to tag a reasonable number. If you are able to help could you please email aelliott@tauriko.school.nz and I will be in touch. Many thanks in advance – Athalae Elliott.

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    Athalae, just in case no one contacts you here’s a link to a good video.


    It comes from Texas and is a bit long winded but it has clear instructions and safety tips for handling butterflies with clean hands. Let us know how you get on with your students and thank you so much for your work with them which will assist them to be compassionate and mindful



    Hopefully there will be some people in touch with you, Athalae.


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