Terry… where are you? Update please!

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    Hi Terry – from time to time I watch these videos on YouTube put together by Tara… and while I’m watching I’m enjoying the English countryside and thinking of all the butterflies that must enjoy the beautiful habitat I’m seeing…

    So how’s everything going over there?

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    lol ‘slow’ and ‘arabian’ is oxymoron 🙂 don’t know that I’d see much riding that pony I’d be way too busy focused on the job ..endurance pony? great place for an endurance ride.
    Anyway we did go across farmland in Worcestershire last year .. its where my fathers family farmed for some centuries. So jealous of the bridle paths across the farms and the wonderful gates with handlevers .. we didn’t see a lot of butterflies in UK despite masses of buddleia. But it was all very beautiful.



    Leslie – did you look at the countryside that she’s riding through? Awesome, eh? Butterfly habitat AND horse-riding country!!!

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