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    Rangimariaa McLaren

    Am a kiwi living in London trying to learn more about The Butterfly after seeing a similar one on a house front in Scotland. It seems there is little known about the origins of the Butterfly, yet they continue to be a popular kiwiana icon. Have posted a message board on TradeMe and emailed NewstalkZB and got lots of calls and stories from up and down the country about Butterfly sightings, stories and people reproducing them for sale. Most of us have seen them on a house somewhere in NZ.

    Would love to see photos of your Butterflies on your house, especially vintage examples of the butterfly. If you have seen one or have any info, please email me:

    Check out my web page:

    Please send this web address to your contacts and help preserve The Butterfly!

    Sweet as,


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    Calum – I was in WEst Auckland last week and saw a book put out by Corbans to celebrate their centenary – they were founded in 1902.

    I have written to them to find out if there are any books still available ( They are now part of the Montana group of course.

    Hope this is fruitful!




    Hi Calum

    I will try and remember to put something in our next newsletter – going out next month. The operative word being TRY. I have also posted to the dplex list, which goes to Monarch butterfly lovers internationally — you never know.

    You might also like to write to The Listener — they would probably pick up on your story.

    Good luck! And please let us know how you get on.


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