the caterpillars now officially rule my life :(


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    Two months ago I got a quote to paint our roof.

    Finally last night the contractor rings, he can start the job and will come this morning to water-blast and treat the roof.

    This would have made most people happy but not me. I still have 30 odd caterpillars and around 50 chrysalides and they’re all in the front garden right in front of my porch.

    So this morning I was waiting for the contractor to turn up and I had netts and a sheet ready to cover the garden area to try and protect everyone from water residue etc, but as I was waiting I just became more and more stressed thinking about big feet clomping around so near my garden and ladders hitting plants with chrysalis in etc so I phoned the contractor, explained the situation, and asked if he had other jobs he could do ahead of ours.

    He said he did and could postpone but I feel awful giving him such little notice and possibly leaving him without a job this morning. Plus he probably thinks I’m crazy.

    As will my husband when I tell him what I did when he gets home.

    Am I crazy?

    Have I lost the plot totally?

    Would anyone else have done this?

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    Hubby is a painter and he would’ve made sure all the caterpillars and chrysalises were safe before he started the job.

    Even contractors can be butterfly friendly – but watch out for any ivy/climbing plants near your roof, if Hubby was your painter he would find your lopping shears in your garage and chop them right back! Climbing roses are his pet hate!!!!



    Aww, thank you everyone for your lovely supportive replies.

    I told my husband when he got home and you know what, he didn’t even seem surprised.

    I still feel bad turning the painter away just moments before he was due to arrive but it had to be done. With so many delicate little creatures in the garden right now it just wasn’t good timing and I would have been out there hovering around anxiously watching where feet and equipment were going and probably developing one grey hair per minute. It would not have been good.

    Meanwhile Swansong moving everyone inside was an option but I discounted it because the weather is still quite nice here and I have a lot of chrysalis due to hatch soon so was reluctant to move them. In addition over half my pillars are now fatties and some were starting to wander off to make their dots so I was loathe to disturb them too.

    Ah well, what’s done is done. I figure we’ve already waited two months to get the roof painted so another few weeks won’t make much difference. Besides, the peace of mind and huge sense of relief I felt after making the call to postpone more than makes up for any wait I reckon !



    I agree.. not losing the plot at all… just becoming aware of our fragile our environment is and we need to take better care.

    Go Zoe go 🙂 🙂



    Well, if only more “lost the plot” as you did, the world would be a much nicer place!
    If I couldn’t have got them all inside immediately, I would have done the same. And, if I thought any member of my family would consider me crazy, I would probably just “forget” to mention that the contractor rang this morning:)



    Heh, Zoe, I dunno if I’d be wanting to face your hubby when he gets home, : / : : / : but if he’s like mine, he’d be very forgiving.. : ) … however, one consolation in my favour is that my hubby right now is guess what …… yep youve guessed… painting the roof…. with full compliments of newly released butterflies checking him out up there : )

    Why not just move everyone inside … which will definitely improve the scenery, for you … the painter will be happier, the hubby will be happier and last but not least the pillars and CO. will be happier. Win win situation me thynx… besides…then we wont have to all acuse you of being 1 sandwich short of a picnic, : ) which is better than being 2 sandwiches short I suppose. Anywayz, a while back I thought I was 1 short, another poster thought if I was 1 then she was definitely 2, so if you are going off the deep end, youre in good company : )))).

    HTHs : )))

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