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    I have today recieved in the post issue 01 of the new newsletter ‘BUTTERFLIES AND MOTHS OF NEW ZEALAND’.

    WOW it’s terrific. I am thrilled to see the new name, and I love the ‘magazine’ format. The content is as usual, just great with so many updates on projects around the country.

    Congratulations to all who were involved.

    I LOVE IT!

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    My first thought was “wow!”
    My second thought was “wow!”
    And my third thought was “When I’ve read this I’m going to leave it in my doctor’s waiting room.



    I agree too. I prefer this layout of the pages and think listing all the products for sale by the Trust might encourage more sales. Well done to those concerned with this new magazine.


    butterfly mum

    Yes I agree!
    The new mag is just amazing with the new looks and insides.
    Looks like a lot of work has been put into the new issue.
    Well done everyone!

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