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    Today I got the first two sound monarchs … these from caterpillars I picked up from Caryl. There is still no sign of Monarchs here in the higher suburbs of Welly let alone eggs.
    My two are in the hothouse and will remain under cover until the latest southerly storm has passed.
    I did have one e-close on christmas day but it was so deformed (all four wings were compromised) I euthanised it. Later in the day I did see a red admiral on my buddleia which is really doing well with all the rain .. so looks like the admirals are starting to get about at least.
    I hope others are having a better year with butterflies 🙂 .. and lets hope next year is way better in all respects!

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    Hi Fi I’m sure you are right about the oftentimes late start here. I have to say I’ve seen some dire ‘summers ‘ here but this one really outdid all previous crap starts to summer lol. Every year bar this one I’ve seen some overwintering butterflies through the winter and into the spring … not so this year. Last summer was dire too but not in the league of this one.
    Anyway I’ve now released six perfect butterflies three males and three females. And the weather the last few days has been perfect! Wellington can really turn on a great day when it feels like it … clearly not felt like it for a while 🙂 .
    So, I’ll hope for the best. If you need to rehome some caterpillars I can take some .. be a while before I see eggs and caterpillars here I suspect.



    Hi Leslie I wonder if the Monarchs will arrive in late January or February as they sometimes do in the high zones in Welly. Im pleased to hear of the successful arrivals!
    Ive released 160 up until today. They arrived early here! Most are healthy but this season I notice a lot of spindly silk in the attachment of Js to leaves etc, and lots of Js and pupae falling down. I’m sure the damp cold windy weather hasn’t helped. This hasn’t happened to this extent before so I am curious. Every season seems to have its own unique challenges. I’ve picked the fallen up and put them in a safe place and 98% have eclosed with no problems and have flown way – thankfully.
    They are now laying eggs – so I may be able to do deliveries of caterpillars – as I did a few seasons ago!!
    Best wishes – Fi

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