The Twelve Buddleias of Christmas

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    Hi there

    We have something special for you!

    Robinson’s Nursery Ltd in Masterton has given the MBNZT twelve beautiful Buddleia Silver Anniversary to give away.

    We thought we’d like to give them to twelve people (in NZ) who are making a difference in the world of butterflies/moths. By difference, I mean working to tell others about the value and importance of butterflies and/or moths, or preserving/protecting/enhancing habitat etc.

    So roll up, roll up, don’t be shy. Either you can nominate someone (or more) – you can even nominate yourself! This is a great opportunity to hear about those people, often behind the scenes, who are making a difference in conservation circles.

    Buddleia Silver Anniversary was imported a few years ago at considerable expense – the importers had to trial it here in NZ for some years to ensure it was sterile and wasn’t going to become a burden on our biodiversity. The breeder, Peter Moore, describes it as "Intensely silvered leaves topped with scented white flowers that attract butterflies!"

    Wouldn’t it look lovely in your garden?

    If we have more than twelve nominations, we’ll put every nomination into a hat and draw them out. Nominations close at midday on Christmas Eve and we will notify the lucky people later that day. It will put a silver glow on your Christmas!

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    I planted my Silver Anniversary at Maleme Street today. Thanks again.


    They have a large range of nettles and flowering natives for our butterfly species. They have plants that are eco sourced (seed collected from spacific regions) and are able to post anywhere in NZ).

    Try some flowering species:
    lacebark – I have seen trees with
    hebes (non hybrid ones)

    Staff are great and very passionate about our native species.



    I’m enjoying my beautiful Silver Anniversary and I can today confirm that Oratia Native Plant Nursery have donated to us to give to Rarangi Landcare, $60 worth of native plants.

    Thanks Geoff.



    I’m thrilled to be one of the recipients and will also do what I can to get other prizewinners in the Thames – Tauranga area their buddleias in the New Year if that’s the best way of getting them distributed.



    Thanks Darren.

    An update from the Rarangi Landcare Group – they sent us these photographs of the insects that they are trying to ensure survive at the beach they’re restoring.

    Rarangi Landcare



    Wow, that’s awesome. Mine will be the first planting at Maleme St.

    And thank you Jacqui for such a lovely idea. Its great to hear about all these wonderful people and the work they are doing.



    And the lucky recipients are:

    Doreen Anderson, Yvonne Andrew, Derek Craig, Darren Gedye, Graeme Hill, Rob Jones, Jacqui Knight, Stu MacPherson, Helen McCormack (who asked that her plant be given to Edith Sharpe), Anderley Middleton, Beverley Sinclair and Kath Widdowson.



    I’ve been driving around and thinking of people who may have been overlooked.

    Heather Shingles has been a very supportive member, both for what she’s done directly for the MBNZT, and Char and Al, and also for her contribution to the West Lynn Garden.

    Also the folk at West Lynn Garden and their butterfly habitat.

    So their names will be in the pot too. The pot is overflowing!


    Hi, thanks for the nomination.

    I would also like to add to the pot some slightly left field ones, but they have supported me in my efforts and as they say behind every great person is an even greater person!:

    Geoff Davidson – oratia native plant nursury (without geoff I would not have native nettle)

    Craig Sinclair – Auckland Domain Nursury (planting lots of nettle and for taking on the role to raise admirals at the domain)

    Terrance Smithers – not in NZ but still been a wonderful source of information and support for me getting started (I am sure if he got something he would find somewhere for it to be planted in NZ)

    Derek Craig – Howick Historic Village (Growing nettle and encouraging the village to get behind the admiral project, doing hands on releases with the admirals I raise with their volunteers)

    Also alot of the others nominated!



    Everyone who has been nominated will have their name ‘go into the hat’, Stu.



    Have to say 1 vote for Mary and one vote for Norm



    Another person who is always willing to help support the education and protection of NZ’s lepidoptera is Ron Pincott, who lives with his wife Mary on the Kapiti Coast.

    You might say that Ron takes a low profile in the organisation, but he is always happy to contact people in the area and lend a hand when they’re in need.

    Good on you Ron!



    The other day I was made aware of the work of the Rarangi Landcare Group, who are restoring habitat in the Marlborough area.

    It was first established in 2000 and is believed to be the first group of its kind in the Marlborough region. They have restored over 11,000 native foreshore plants, with help from Outward Bound and support from the Department of Conservation, Marlborough District Council, NZ Landcare Trust and the WWF.

    You can see a photograph of some of the rare and endangered lepidoptera found in the area here:

    I was told that their winning a Buddleia would not be appropriate – and I can understand that. If their name comes out of the hat, I’ll make it my personal mission to find them something that’s appropriate to their objectives. So let’s add them to the list!



    Jane Carver for the inspiring articles she has been writing in the newsletters. Thanks Jane, I’ve loved reading them and learned so much from you.



    Norm Twigge and Mary Parkinson for Bay of Plenty and Darren Gedye too, plus Charlotte and Al Beesley for Auckland, and Gill Jackson for the North 🙂



    In terms of the Bay of Plenty, Hugh Smith, principal at Omokoroa Point School has been teaching his children about the beauty and importance of butterflies for many years. Worthy of a nomination.



    Other valuable monarch carers in the BOP area are Shona Purves, Doreen Anderson, Stu MacPherson, Anderley Middleton, Johnny Wilson and Jo Dawkins all willing to help out in a crisis.Tramp



    Definitely Mary Parkinson, whose Te Puna Quarry butterfly garden is such a pleasure and an inspiration. And Norm Twigge, who I’ve seen dedicate his time and knowledge at the Te Puna QuarryFest and who I know does a great deal more than that. Jacqui, whose name is a constant when it comes to butterflies. And me (Yvonne Andrew), mainly because I’d like a buddleia to add to the ‘swan plant jungle’ I’ve turned my mother’s garden into (& there is currently the perfect hole where a stump has been removed)! My justification is that I keep schools and interested people supplied with swan plant seeds, plants, photos & research questions to help encourage a new generation of monarch butterfly lovers…



    Thanks for your nomination Jacqui.

    I think you’ll have a full hat with many good people named already (Norm T, Kath W, Angie M, Rea H, Vicky S, Graeme H & Darren G). All these people do hands on breeding, plus encourage others to take an interest & give it a try.

    Another 2 people I’d nominate are Roger Frost (breeding & research) & Steve Austin from Marlborough Museum (breeding & butterfly education).

    Of course I’d say myself, but that’s for others to decide, most of you know of my website about NZ butterflies. (click on my name to the left if you want a reminder).




    Yes, Carol’s a godsend too as treasurer — and our previous treasurers, Joanna Oliver and Terry Greening.

    Terry is now an elected member of the Far North District Council, and I just had an email from Joanna, who is about to leave England to go to the US where her family is, for Christmas.

    I also want to acknowledge past trustees:

    Shelley Gifford who was and is passionate about butterflies and doing the right thing. We had such fun with our first exhibition, in Christchurch. Shelley’s now in Taunton, Somerset.

    Gill Jackson who cares for every living thing, and now has established a wonderful bird sanctuary in her garden in Russell.

    Helen McCormack, who had a huge sense of vision and really set the MBNZT on the right track. She’s now in the UK, I must catch up with her.

    Barbara Bishop, who was also passionate about butterflies, and had a great knowledge of them.

    Vicky Steele, a great butterfly gardener and also brilliant designer and very knowledgeable on IT.

    Edith Sharpe, a very compassionate young woman, has changed the face of so many people’s lives. Blessings, Edith.



    We cant forget Carol Stensness as she has done a fantastic job raising Monarchs in her gardens and rescuing Monarch caterpillars from starvation at a park in Manukau a few years ago.




    +1 for Norm.
    +1 for Mary.



    I would also like to nominate Robert Jones for all of his fantastic efforts on planting nettle on Mt Eden and attracting the Admirals to the area.




    Thanks Beverley, Heather and Jacqui;-)

    I would like to nominate Mary Parkinson as Mary has created a truely wonderful butterfly garden at Te Puna Quarry park. Mary also has a wonderful garden at her home as well.
    Mary has regular gatherings with butterfly lovers at Te Puna as well;-).



    Yes, I agree, Heather and Beverley, Charlotte and Al’s garden is FANTASTIC, I was up there just the other day.

    Another one who has made a huge difference for butterflies/moths – and he makes things to do with our website and data base so much easier to manage – is Darren Gedye. I’d like to put his name into the hat.

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