The Twelve Buddleias of Christmas

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    Hi there

    We have something special for you!

    Robinson’s Nursery Ltd in Masterton has given the MBNZT twelve beautiful Buddleia Silver Anniversary to give away.

    We thought we’d like to give them to twelve people (in NZ) who are making a difference in the world of butterflies/moths. By difference, I mean working to tell others about the value and importance of butterflies and/or moths, or preserving/protecting/enhancing habitat etc.

    So roll up, roll up, don’t be shy. Either you can nominate someone (or more) – you can even nominate yourself! This is a great opportunity to hear about those people, often behind the scenes, who are making a difference in conservation circles.

    Buddleia Silver Anniversary was imported a few years ago at considerable expense – the importers had to trial it here in NZ for some years to ensure it was sterile and wasn’t going to become a burden on our biodiversity. The breeder, Peter Moore, describes it as "Intensely silvered leaves topped with scented white flowers that attract butterflies!"

    Wouldn’t it look lovely in your garden?

    If we have more than twelve nominations, we’ll put every nomination into a hat and draw them out. Nominations close at midday on Christmas Eve and we will notify the lucky people later that day. It will put a silver glow on your Christmas!

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    I see where someone has beaten me to it to nominate Charlotte and Alan Beasley. A few years ago they knew nothing about butterflies and swan plants. Now Charlotte does talks and demonstrations at various venues and has a garden full of host and nectar plants. They are both dedicated to rearing Monarchs and more recently Admirals. They have potted off hundreds of seedlings and sold them on Trade Me on the Trust’s behalf. I think they are worthy recipients of a Buddleia Silver Anniversary plant.



    I would like to nominate Beverley in Mt Albert also Charlotte to trial a plant to.




    Good one Trisha.

    I’d like to acknowledge Chrissie Ward and Rae Herd for their great work down in Nelson. Rae has contributed so much to our database, as well as discovering the Large White in gardens and reporting it to authorities.

    Chrissie has organised some fantastic events down there in the “top of the South” promoting an awareness of butterflies.

    Kath Widdowson too is another who has been making a difference. Three cheers for the ladies of the north of the south!



    How about Angie Gibbons too?
    She’s done a lot for Monarchs and Admirals – working with community gardens as well as at home and sharing stock with trust members and others.



    Well said Jacqui about Norm he truly deserves a huge medal for his efforts;-)




    I’d also like to nominate Heidi Wood, who emails all those people who report a tagged Monarch. She finds out when the Monarch was tagged, where it was tagged, and puts people in touch as necessary. She also makes sure that the data is all correct, i.e. sometimes the taggers don’t enter the GPS data for their release. Good on you Heidi.

    Then there’s Margaret Topzand who writes replies to everyone else, those who record a sighting of a Monarch, or another butterfly/moth or a pest on our website. Wonderful to have your help, Margaret, you’re such a willing worker.



    I’d also like to nominate Robert Arter-Williamson, an Englishman who came to NZ about ten years ago and is breeding Admirals and Monarchs and helping spread the word about butterflies on his own website.

    I’d also like to nominate Graeme Hill, talkback host on Radio Live, who is publicising the efforts to “bring back the Admirals” from landscapes where they’re no longer seen. Good on you, Graeme.



    Well, I want to nominate Norm Twigge for his work with butterflies. He’s an unsung hero that’s been studying them for years, should be given an honorary degree as an entomologist. He has probably forgotten or dismissed things that I think I know! Good on you Norm.

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