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    Hi everyone

    We are getting a few spam attacks at present but we are on to it (hopefully). However, right now there are three headings here which for some reason I cannot delete. You will notice that the poster’s name has changed to “Anonymous” and that’s because I have deleted them from the users.

    On Monday when the staff at Sandfield’s are back on deck, hopefully they can remove those three posts and perhaps figure out how to outwit the spammers.

    So… we are aware of the spam. (If the poster’s name changes to Anonymous, that means they’ve been deleted from the users database.) And we will continue to monitor the posts for spam.

    Thanks to those who have alerted me to the problem. Our WordPress settings are continually being updated to the latest version, but then those spammers go and find another way around to get their nonsense published.


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    Sadly TgaLiz it actually works, which is why they persist! Very annoying I agree but they would not bother if it really was a waste of time! The internet is full of spam garbage and all we can do is flag and remove as much as possible. They won’t allow us to shoot spammers (Sarcasm intended) so we just have to try and limit the attacks.



    Thanks Jacqui, Yes, why do they waste all our time, instead of doing something useful?

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