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    There’s going to be a BioBlitz throughout February at Titahi Bay, near Wellington. Titahi Bay is at the foot of a short peninsula along the west coast of the Porirua Harbour, to the north of Porirua city centre – about 20 minutes’ drive north of Wellington.

    It’s a partnership between the public, schools, community groups, commercial operators, and scientists from NIWA, Massey and Victoria Universities and Te Papa, working together to find as many different plants and animals as possible within that region. They will be surveing species in the sea as well as on the land.

    The key objective is to increase public awareness and appreciation of the vast array of different species (biodiversity) in the Mana region, and to popularise the work of scientists who study and conserve wildlife in NZ. It is hoped that as a result a list of all species found in the area will be generated, new or unique species will be revealed, an appreciation of the range of plants and animals in the Mana area will be improved. It will also advance scientific knowledge and strengthen community spirit, build relationships and help us effectively manage our environment and protect species at risk.

    Would be great to have some of our lepidopterists involved. Why not contact the BioBlitz team now?

    "Biodiversity is the greatest treasurer we have… Its diminishment is to be prevented at all cost." (Thomas Eisner)

    "How can we expect to preserve and protect biodiversity if we don’t even know the names of the plants and animals that share our neighbourhood?" (Robert Bateman)

    To become a volunteer email bioblitz@forestandbird.org.nz with details of your experience/skills/areas of interest and the dates and times you are available. They’ll get in touch with more information.

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