Tomato Leaf Spray for Aphids

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    Wondering if anyone has made the above and used it on aphids. I can find no reference as to whether it may harm monarch caterpillars. The detergent method has not worked effectively on my plants even when I have used a paint brush which works better than a sprayer. Thanks for reading/helping with this.
    Caryl (Wellington)

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    Hi Jacqui, Thanks for your detailed reply.I have tried the above this season and still I have aphids. The real problem is the aphids on the back of leaves down low but I have also seen them higher up and they are hard to reach. The tomato leaf spray doesn’t seem to have been very effective since the patch I sprayed has more so I will return to squishing, a hard hose and detergent.

    Another side issue. I have found quite a lot of cats dead and for no apparent reason. Do you know whether snails kill them. By the time I find them on the concrete path they are black with no stripes. Neighbours do not use spray and there are no new swan plants in my garden. Puzzling. Caryl



    Hi Caryl

    Not sure what “tomato leaf spray” is. However, looking at all the data that’s been posted and gathered about aphid control on milkweed (they’ve been really bad this year) I put it all together in an earlier forum post. Basically

    1. If it’s bad, cut off heavy infestations and put them straight into a plastic bag in the rubbish.
    2. Feed/water your plants well to ensure they’re as healthy and hydrated as can be. Mulch too!
    3. Remove any small groups by hand.
    4. Once you see ladybirds OR mummified aphids stop any control and let the Aphidius colemanii (wasp) or the ladybirds do their job.

    Good luck with it!

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