Too cold for caterpillars?

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    Hi Jacqui

    I have some really huge caterpillars almost reaching chrysalis stage.Currently, they are outside and eating like crazy. As it’s getting quite cold in the mornings in Auckland ( Hillsborough ) would it be better if I bring them in to my caterpillar castles, would they have a better chance of survival inside?

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    Thank you Jacqui.
    Yes I will leave them outside for the moment as there are plenty of plants for them to feed on and they look happy.
    See you this afternoon at the Butterfly Habitat day.



    Thank you Errol.
    I think I’ll leave them out for the moment as they seem to be quite happy outside and also I have plenty of healthy plants for them to feed on.

    As of yesterday, I have already released 107 butterflies this year.
    All the best with your butterflies.



    Hi Caroline

    Errol’s suggestion is a good one. However, bear in mind that butterflies have been doing this sort of thing for a lot longer than we have… and they’re still laying eggs in my garden close to you. I’m hoping that they know what they’re doing?

    For me it’s a matter of time. I have been collecting eggs and caterpillars and putting them into my butterfly house but in a few weeks it could be that I have hundreds of caterpillars on my plants. In which case I’ll leave them alone and let them sort it out for themselves.

    Hope to see you at the Butterfly Habitat day in Blockhouse Bay Recreational Reserve on Sunday, between 1pm and 3pm.




    I’m in the South Island, Motueka, and still have caterpillars growing into chrsyalis, then hatching out. And we have cooler nights here than Auckland, all the same it won’t hurt to bring them inside and put them in the castles.

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