Too many caterpillers in Lower Hutt

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    Good morning I am new to the forum and hope that someone might be able to help. I have currently got approx 30 caterpillers at various stages from very small to cocooned. I will buy some more swan plants but what are commercially available are very small and will be eaten fast. Consequently I would like to re-home some of my hungry caterpillers. If you are in the Lower Hutt area and can help please give me a call on 5669811. I have an answer phone so please leave a message and your number if i am not home. thanks Glenda

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    Have you had any luck yet, Glenda? Hope so! Or else I could send you some swan plant to feed your hungry caterpillars on. If you don’t have the time or inclination to plant them, then you can keep them in a few inches of water, in a bucket, and let the caterpillars crawl all over them and eat them down…

    Let me know,

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