Too much pumpkin?

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    P Lynch

    Six of late Monarch caterpillars had to finish their development on pumpkin as theyd demolished our Swan plant leaves. After hanging and forming chrysalis they looked OK but 3 have died after about a week. We are crossing our fingers for the reminder!
    Would too much pumpkin affect their development?

    Pat Lynch

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    A consequence of feeding caterpillars pumpkin is not only that many butterflies emerge not strong enough to inflate their wings, and are consequently deformed, is that we’re not aware of what we are doing to the species long-term. We can SEE some of the consequences but what about their reproduction and/or overwintering imprint?



    You can usually get away feeding pumpkin if its the very late stage just before pupation (very large caterpillars a couple of days away from pupation). Its no good for smaller caterpillars at all. Even so its not the ideal but sometimes we are driven to it and pumpkin has saved the day for me more than once 🙂 my observation is quite often the caterpillar appears to be driven to an earlier pupation than maybe it would otherwise once given pumpkin.
    So providing the caterpillars were otherwise close to pupation ‘maybe’ the pumpkin has contributed to the fail. But equally its the time of year when fails are higher due to disease or cooler and shorter days producing less vigorous cats. I’m going through a phase of getting weak butterflies.

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