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    Hi all !

    Keep to get your views on transferring Monarchs ! I have a large Swan plant on the berm at 4 Collingwood st -Freemans Bay which successfully hatched about 200 butterflies in December – It was entirely eaten out -but has now recovered and has good new growth. But with the wasps now active I am losing the new larvae . However I Thought I had a grand plan !! I have another swan plant elsewhere on the property protected from wasps so I have been transferring bigger caterpillars from this to the berm site . About 40 or more over the last couple of weeks -but I can only find about five that are thriving . I thought once they were about 100mm -or about an inch long they were pretty safe from predators . Are there different flavours of Swan plant ?? It was great for those hatched on it obviously !! Ant help ?? Ches Maurice

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    They just disappear ! Jacqui suggested I do not put them on the plant -but put them on the soil to choose their own branch which- I will try !! Fussy buggers



    Hi Maurice and welcome.

    There are some notes here about transferring monarch larvae… it is advisable not to handle them too much. I put the caterpillars I move on the soil at the bottom of the plant and let them select where they want to go. Don’t have any issues.

    Anyway, here’s the link – hope it helps.




    sounds like at that size they would have shuffled off to find a nice safe spot to transform? they are pretty safe at that size, is there any evidence of dead ones or did they just disappear? draping lightweight net curtains will protect from wasps (ref my recent post) good luck,

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