Tropical Milkweed

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    Could anyone tell me if there is a trick to getting Tropical Milkweed to germinate? I bought a packet of seeds from the Trust so presume they are ‘good to go’ but so far, have not had any luck. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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    Hi, I can get the seeds to germinate inside with a propagator and extra light though a lamp for about 16 hours a day then a fan when the stems are 2-3cm tall otherwise they remain straggly and don’t grow when put outside. I don’t find the tropical variety great in the garden. It tends to grow sideways and not upwards so not a good food source for the caterpillars. I am in Wellington. Caryl


    Dane Keriboi Hawker

    Anyone know where to get established plants?
    I find they while to grow from seed.



    Hi Jacqui – I am in Paihia. I did try the hot water trick but wasn’t game to leave them in very long. I have treated them just as I do all my seeds – didn’t realize they were so ‘touchy’ – anyway I shall try your suggestions. I have tried to keep them warm – it really isn’t cold up here any more (if it ever was, that is – the Monarchs have been laying all Winter!) I have had some in for about a month now and still no show. I shall persevere. thanks for the help cheers Marg



    Whereabouts are you 1wally? And how are you planting them? Milkweed seeds have a mind of their own it seems. I use a heat pad and put them on the top of the soil, and cover them with a very thin layer of soil. One year I used tissue paper and the seeds sprouted – it was just enough to cover them – but the seedlings got tangled up in the tissue paper so it was a bit of a mess.

    Some people say soak them overnight, but I have never tried that. I think the less attention (fuss) you give them, the better they are. It’s when you give up on them that they suddenly sprout. 🙂

    Not much help, am I

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