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    Occasionally, when reading different posts on this forum over the past couple of years, the subject of lending articles, books, videos etc gets mentioned, often with comments that there is a 'Trust Library'.

    I would like to know how offical this is?

    Also if so, what are the titles & terms of borrowing any such material?

    I realise this would heaviliy depend on funding or donations, but I think it would be a great idea to implement offically, with a index of available material & lending terms. It would be really great if it (possibly already) included rare or out-of-print material that is not so easy to order a copy of from your local bookstore.

    Of course to aid availability, members could advise which public (or private) libraries have such material for loan or in reference (& terms if it's private/uni).


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    Thanks for the reply & list Jacqui,

    So, another resourcing issue. Getting items returned is probably always going to be a problem. The best solution would be a deposit to cover the value (shame would make it hard for people on a budget).

    Maybe a topic for the AGM, time permitting. Otherwise it's a good subject to iron out of this forum.

    I feel it would be a great way of making financal membership have more value.




    In 2005 when the MBNZT was formed we bought some material (pdfs) from the USA, as well as

    * The Monarch Butterfly Biology and Conservation by Michelle J Solensky and Karen S Oberhauser.

    * The Commercial Butterfly Breeder's Manual by Rick Mikula and Linda Rogers – this is still out on loan and proving difficult to get back!

    We are currently purchasing 'Principles and Procedures for rearing High Quality Insects' which we hear is 'outstanding' and 'of significant value to insect rearers'.

    * There have also been some children's resources which have helped me develop the educational resources on the website.

    * A DVD with some excellent historical footage of the life cycle of the Monarch and the Emperor Gum Moth.

    Any of these are available on loan to financial members of 'good standing'. I would like to see some work put into the management of these resources so that we don't lose track of them or have them returned in a damaged state, for example. By 'good standing' I don't think we would loan them to anyone who hasn't returned resources on time or at all!



    Auckland Central has a wide range of Butterfly books, but most are in the basement & need to asked for at one of the help counters. Most of these can be checked out, but some are reference only.

    Christchurch Central is not far behind with the same rules. But do have more 'reference only' then Auckland.

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