UK Spring Butterfly Walk

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    April 16th was a sunny and warm spring day, and myself and friend Jeff went for a walk around the disused airfield at Wisley in Surrey, England. This is a paradise for Peacock and Small Tortoiseshell as it has been left unmanaged for many years and in a few parts there are large beds of Stinging Nettles Urtica Dioica for the Butterflies to utilise for breeding. The sad thing is it could be lost within the next few years to build a new town of 2100 new houses plus amenities. Click the link below for photo’s from the walk plus a few pics of the nearby River Wey in Ripley, Surrey which we did in the late afternoon as it was close by.

    The Butterfly eggs on the first photo’s are Brimstone’s on my Alder Buckthorn tree. The white Butterflies are female Orange Tips. The others Peacock and Small Tortoiseshell at the airfield in Wisley

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    Yes lovely photos. Looks like Spring is in the process of springing up there!



    Great photos Terry. Such pretty butterflies and a shame they are going to lose their wilderness to breed and feed on.



    Beautiful photos, Terry, thanks for sharing.

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