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    I’ve had a butterfly hatch today with uneven wings. The top of one wing is a bit bigger than the other wing. I knew there would be a deformity with this butterfly as his chrysalis had a dent in the top of it.

    He is flapping his wings in the caterpillar castle and walking around it. What’s the likelihood he will be able to fly? Anyone ever seen a butterfly fly ok with uneven sized wings? The bottom wings look ok, it’s just the top wings don’t quite match.

    Wondering whether to tag him anyway and see what happens.

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    Good and bad news. Butterfly successfully flew away today. Though his tag fell off and I found it on the ground. Must’ve been doing some heavy duty flapping!



    That’s good to know. I had wondered how perfectly symmetrical wings had to be. I figured they would need to be pretty symmetrical. Maybe I will get lucky with this guy. Will tag and put him outside in the morning and see how he goes.



    Hi JellyJam – it’s hard to know how deformed the wing is – but yo’d be surprised at how well they can fly when they’ve got damaged wings so I’m sure it’s worth letting your butterfly go, even tagging it.

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