Unexpected caterpillars and chrysalis- help

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    During the summer my kids got given some swan plants and caterpilars which the wasps got hold of. Over the long weekend 4 huge caterpillars appeared. We managed to get more swan plants. Yesterday we noticed 2 crysalis hanging from the wall outside and now 2 caterpillars are crysalising. Still have 2 caterpillars to go.
    The weather is meant to be brutal for the rest of the week. Should i bring them indoors? Must i take them to the winter gardens in auckland cbd when i only have the cacoons.
    I am so scared the weather nails these guys like the wasps did. Short of having them move into my bed i dont know what to do to help them survive, seems late in the season for them to still be around. Thank you.

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    Hi Monique, I have a caterpillar and a chrysalid inside in a butterfly castle. I move them round the best lit windows and mist them a couple of times a day to help them from drying out in our heated environment. The chrysalid ‘might’ make it but I seriously doubt the caterpillar will. Still its some sort of life and the only hope they have. I released a butterfly this week in a weather gap and that was one I didn’t expect to fly away either. He took a long time to zip his proboscis and showed no signs of flying away for a week. while his proboscis was zipping I was faceplanting him in nectar that he was standing in up to his knees lol. Its worth a try to save them but don’t get too attached is my advice. the cold and the low light takes its toll.

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