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    Hi everyone

    Here’s a reminder of how to upload photographs. Should you be unable to find this thread in the future, it’s on the main menu under "Photos" – but today I’ve added a bit in response to a few questions.

    Forum members can upload photographs together with descriptive text (e.g. "This is the pest that is killing my Admirals" or "see discussion in forum titled ‘Unknown nectar flower’") by emailing them to photos@monarch.org.nz.

    The photographs should be of good quality and of butterflies or moths, host plants, nectar plants, or great new ideas to help the butterfly gardener. If you look you will find countless photographs of a "nice Monarch" so no more of those please – just the extraordinary ones!

    You cannot email to photos@monarch.org.nz a link to another site e.g. flickr. This will not work. Please also ensure any unnecessary text formatting, personal greetings, signatures, advertising etc has been deleted. The photos and accompanying text/description should appear on our website within half an hour and you will receive an email to confirm they have been loaded. Photos that do not meet the above criteria may be removed to save space.

    If you are not a forum member but have photos that you would like to share with us then please email them to trust@monarch.org.nz and they will be uploaded if they meet our criteria.

    To see the latest photographs uploaded, click on this link here.


    We retain the copyright of these photographs and reserve the right to use them in our newsletters or other material (with acknowledgement to the photographer). Should you want to use them, please email trust@monarch.org.nz and we will endeavour to put you in touch with the photographer/owner.

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