Cabbage white caterpillar behaviour

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    I know this is a monarch site, but I didn’t know where else to go, so please forgive me.
    I’m panicking right now because of my cabbage white caterpillars are acting weird. It keeps writhing around and fell off its leaf twice already. It’s been eating up until now but I don’t know why it’s acting like this. I wash all my leaves and my hands before I handle their food or anything.
    When I try to move it to a new leaf because it finished the other one by gently nudging it’s bum with a stem it just jerks around violently and doesn’t move forward at all. I had to slip the new leaf under it instead.
    It flipped over onto its back and squirmed around before coming right side up again, but it isn’t gripping the leaf at all.
    Please reply fast, I’m so scared. I’ve gotten really attached to all of them and I don’t know what I’ll do if it just does on me like that.

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    Hello CatMom – not very much to go on. What is it eating? Have you recently changed its diet, e.g. bought or given it new leaves? Whereabouts are you (maybe there is a group closer to you that could help)?

    If you have given it new food I suspect that the food might have pesticides on it. It is a few hours since you left your message, so I wonder how it is now? I will watch out for your response with more information…

    Hoping that things have come right for you. It has been a beautiful winter’s day here in Auckland so I have been out in my garden.


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