URGENTNelson clusters?

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    We have a beautiful female ready to release, but not sure where to let her go. Does anyone know of current clusters here’re in Nelson please

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    Thanks so much for the helpful reply Jacqui, we’ll put her out today, unless it’s pouring! I have another 3 chrysalis waiting in the wings and still 2 caterpillars. Fingers crossed they’ll all succeed. Go well. Carol



    Carol – you don’t NEED to take her to an overwintering site. It is far better that the monarch finds her own way to wherever she wants to go.

    Monarchs have been surviving without our help for zillions of years.

    UNLESS it’s a cyclone outside, please put the monarch in a spot where it will be sheltered from any heavy wind or torrential rain (a sprinkle is okay, as they are weatherproof) and where any rays of sun will get to her, i.e. on the northern side of a tree/building.

    Good on you for caring!

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