Urtica australis flower/seed/pollination

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    I have a NZ stinging nettle (southern nettle) and want to catch the seed. Not sure if this is the way to go about it.

    Urtica australis flowers and fruit

    This is the description of the plant (nzflora.info): “Stout, monoecious herb, usually with few short-stalked stinging hairs, otherwise sparsely to densely hairy; branches decumbent and rooting, then erect. Lvs broadly ovate, acute, cordate to truncate at base, coarsely serrate, 10–20 cm long. Stipules 2 per node and 2-fid, or 4 per node and entire. Most racemes unisexual; ♀ racemes above ♂ on stem.”

    I find it hard to see if I’m looking at flowers or fruit – but have cut off the leaves of the flowering stem and encased the whole thing in a net bag. I don’t know what pollinates it, but just hope that I end up with some seed and that the stings have been worth it. Since the NZ Flower and Garden Show I can’t find my specialist stinging nettle gloves. 🙁

    If anyone has any ideas, I’d love to know!

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    Thanks Norm!



    Urtica australis is monoecious as you say, meaning the plant bears both male and female flowers. Pollination is primarily by the wind, or air flow, so don’t sleeve the plant yet, and leave it in an airy place. It will be reasonably obvious when the seeds set, they will be a brownish coloured seed as opposed to the flowers. At that stage it can be sleeved if desired, but I used to just cut of the seeding stem just before the seed was ripe, and place in a jar to finally ripen.

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