Vanessa itea breeders in Europe

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    Dear all,

    I’m very new to this forum. I’m a butterfly breeder from Germany and currently I’m mainly breeding species in the genus Papilio and Vanessa. Apart from Vanessa atalanta (our european admiral) and Vanessa cardui (painted lady) the last two years I also bred Vanessa itea and I liked them even more than the other species as they look that great and especially due to their awesome flight behaviour, even in few space. I wasn’t able to breed them throughout winter as here in southern Germany we have really cold winters, usually with quite a lot of snow. So during winter it is impossible to find nettles even in very sheltered conditions. The last two years I could obtain pupae and caterpillars from Dutch breeders who have less harsh winters, but unfortunately their colonies died. I would really like to start a breeding program with Vanessa itea this year again, but so far I didn’t find any breeders in Europe. Is there somebody in this forum from Europe breeding this awesome species? I already read a lot about the famous breeding project of Terry. Is it still going on?

    Thanks a lot already in advance

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