Vespula wasps – new initiative to reduce numbers.

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    We now have a cost-effective wasp baiting system capable of reducing invasive Vespula wasp populations below ecological damage thresholds over large areas. The bait station system is founded on principles of good stewardship, is very safe to people, and significantly reduces unexpected risks to the environment. Pilot trials of the system by the Department of Conservation across 5 areas of beech forest (totalling 5,000 ha) were highly successful, reducing wasp activity levels by an average of 95.8% within a week, and more than 99% 4 weeks later.

    Our idea is to now upscale production of the bait and baiting system to allow conservation managers throughout the country access to this new tool.

    Wasp Bait News

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    But about Asian Paper wasps ??? these wasps are cunning killers of Monarch butterfly caterpillars and Red & Yellow Admiral butterfly caterpillars.


    Dane Keriboi Hawker

    Interesting. Use to spray that stuff in the 90’s on the golf course for Argentine Stem Weevil. Same product you put on cats and dogs for flea treatment.

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