video tutorial of tagging?

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    Hi there

    Have received my tags, read tutorial on here but i’m still not entirely clear what the scissor hold should look like so i won’t harm the butterfly. does anyone have/can make a quick video showing what i should do? thanks.

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    Imagine your pointer finger and the middle finger as the “points” of scissors. I lay the four wings in between those fingers, so that my fingers are holding the butterfly over the length of the wings.

    (Oh, we used to say “as you would hold a cigarette” but that’s not PC to say that any more. So we say “scissor grip” instead!)



    If you search the web for “butterfly scissor hold” you should find some pictures. But the important thing is not so much how you hold your butterfly, but that you are reasonably gentle with it.
    I’ve never mastered the scissor hold myself. But I’ve tagged lots of butterflies with no problems.

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