Viruses and pathogens

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    I have just completed the final online course lesson on diseases, pests etc.
    Once again I found this very interesting and I learnt lots.
    I knew that preying mantis feed on the eggs and caterpillars but I never would have thought they would be partial to the actual butterfly as well until a friend caught one holding a monarch the other day. Fortunately in time to ‘save’ it! What on earth do they find of sustenance in them!
    But the lesson has got me thinking about what may have happened to my pillars a couple of years ago.
    Right at the end of the season (almost winter) when it was too cold outside I bought a (very) cheap kit-set poly-carbonate and aluminium greenhouse. I kept it inside (took up half my dining room!) and my last dozen or so pillars from outside spent their last couple of weeks eating away on their swan plants in there.
    Which was fine until it came time to turn in to ‘J’s.
    The ones that decided to climb up the frame just didn’t make it – I seriously thought it was the NPV virus as that’s what they looked like but I couldn’t understand it as I am so careful with having clean plants etc.
    Some of you more knowledgeable folk may know more about this but now I am almost certain that it was something in the actual coating of the greenhouse frame.
    I have not used that greenhouse again, pleased to say that the ‘chook-house’ kit-set one I have this year outside has been brilliant and I have had no sick caterpillars or problems with chrysalises or butterflies etc.
    Maybe if I had given the first one a good scrub down before using it (it was brand new but really did seem to have a different feel to the coating to my new one).
    I don’t know but thought maybe worth a warning?

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    Thanks Carol. I was going to try the warehouse first, hadn’t thought of Bunnings but yes of course.



    Hi Rebecca
    I got it from the Warehouse, it didn’t have brand name just “Greenhouse Model JXX40033-1”
    It says made of polycarbonate and aluminium.
    They don’t seem to have them for sale this year, it was one of their special email online deals!
    It’s quite flimsy, not sure I’d even risk putting it outside, it would need to be in a really sheltered spot.

    The one I now have set up outside was from Bunnings and I have had no problems with my pillars in there even if they climb and hang on the sides, roof etc.
    It is sold as a poultry house so I am thinking that because it is intended for live animals the materials are non-toxic.



    That’s a good warning to read about – I was thinking of getting same for frost then wasp protection.

    Where did you buy it, and do you have product details? At least the first 2 maybe so I know what to avoid.
    Country of origin
    Materials used?

    thanks, Rebecca.

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