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    Currently 9 in chrysalis stage with about another 20 or so cats close to changing. Rescued a few chrysalis that were in poor situations including one that nearly got included with my basil pesto making ! Felt the lump as I was adding leaves to the processor. Still got leaves on two plants but the other two are pretty bare now.
    Swan plants have many seed pods on so is it worth collecting these for next year ?

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    I have about 50 seed pods, I don’t know how many seeds in each pod but there seems to be heaps !! If they all took root for next year I’d have a swan plant lawn.
    So currently 19-20 chrysalis and a couple have now flown away. Plants are looking bare but enough to see out the remaining cats I hope. I stem I photographed had 3 chrysalis in a row hanging off it. Hope the weather holds till the rest do their thing.



    Hi ZeroID – you can collect the seed pods or you can let them do their own thing in your garden – which when the time is right means you’ll get plenty of seedlings coming up in your garden.

    That would have made for a very unappealing pesto, I imagine!

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