Wanted orange or other colour than purple Buddleia


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    Hi there, we have a large purple Buddleia which attracts so many butterflies, I bought a red one and a bi colour purple one off trademe as cuttings, but I’m also really wanting to collect an orange one. Does anyone have an orange bush they could please take a cutting of? Also if anyone has any other different colours like yellow and white, bi colours or pink that would be great. Happy to pay postage and will pay for a rooted cutting, alternatively also happy to do a swap for some cuttings of our purple bush.

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    I live in Auckland and would love a Buddleia…but they just do not grow…a friend from Christchurch gave me a yellow cutting and it grew to a meter, flowered last summer rather poorly and this year has not grown at all even though it is still alive…I think the winters are not cold enough



    I just sent you a text, unfortunately mine are still newly rooted cuttings themselves so in a year or two I could probably take a cutting for you. I’d still love a cutting of yours so let me know how to arrange. I think they should establish themselves here fairly quickly but unsure exactly.



    Hi Alice I have the purple and a cream. I can send you a cutting from the cream one but I would love a cutting from the red and bi colour.
    Txt me on 0275257484 Christine



    Sure Caryl
    I have sent you a text. Hopefully someone else does 😊



    Hi Alice
    Unfortunately I don’t have any Buddleia but I’d love a cutting from your bush. I need more nectar plants for butterflies. I helped more than 940 butterflies (monarchs) be born last season. I am in Seatoun and visit Petone often. I note you are in Lower Hutt. 027 8426773

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