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    found at http://www.landcareresearch.co.nz/research/biocons/invertebrates/Whatsnew.asp#global

    We are updating the distribution of the Asian Paper Wasp (Polistes chinensis) and the Australian Paper Wasp (Polistes humilis) in New Zealand.

    I would be grateful for information on the:

    locality from around NZ (such as city/town, suburb, street, date, where found) and

    what species is it (Asian or Australian) ? so if you are unsure, a photo is best, even a low resolution image is ok, as the species have very different colours/markings on their body.

    There is no need to send in wasps, unless you are unsure of the species and can?t take a photo. If required, wasps can be sent to the address below, in a sealed plastic container. Please be careful if catching wasps/nests, they have a painful sting. Wasps are best caught at night when they are less active.

    We are particularly interested in sightings from the lower North Island and the South Island. Paper wasps are most active over the summer period but begin making nests in spring.

    Please send info, photos or wasps to: Darren Ward, (wardda@landcareresearch.co.nz) Landcare Research, Private Bag 92170, Auckland

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    Good for you Janie for getting rid of them. Any chance of a good photograph if you can get one? You can post it onto the website by enailing it to photos@monarch.org.nz. That way other people will know what to look out for too.

    They build them in sneaky places don’t they? I’ve just taken a photo of one that I found here, so I’ll post it, but you may be able to get a better shot.



    I found two paper wasps nests hidden behind my wooden bench seats! One of the nests had no wasps around, but the other larger one had 5 wasps on and in it. I dragged both wooden bench seats away from my swan plant and blasted both of them with flyspray – it did the job! Two weeks ago, I noticed a small nest being built on a peg on my clothes line! I’m in Henderson, West Auckland.



    Hello jjtga

    There is a leaflet which can be downloaded from Projects / Pests which may help you. Then there are plenty of discussions about what various people have been doing in their own gardens over the five years that this forum has been running – if you look to the right under the hot tags, click on wasps.

    Hope you can find something there that will help you. When you’ve read a bit and have further questions, please feel free to post again with specific questions – adding your general location might also help.

    What I can tell you is that people in different communities are reporting in with eiher one or the other problem: a lack of Monarchs and large, well-leafed plants OR a surplus of Monarchs and no leaves on their plant(s). It happens every summer. If you can protect one of your plants from the Monarchs for next year, let it grow well, it will help with next year and the year after’s population. If you didn’t have wasps (or ants, praying mantises and other predators) in your garden your plant would soon be eaten by too many Monarchs! It’s a “boom or bust” scenario, the balance is never perfect.

    If you have a plant with (say) 20-30 leaves, and one or two eggs/caterpillars, then I would keep that plant out of the range of the other insects so that you can watch your Monarchs go through their life cycle safely – and then if you get hooked you will find more info. about how to have a sustainable butterfly garden in the forum and elsewhere on our website.

    Hope that helps.



    At the moment here in Waitakere we have not seen many Asian paper wasps. For the last 4 weeks we have managed to collect lots of caterpillars from off the plants.

    Around October and November we found a few wasp nests, but at present things are quiet with these pesky pests. Not sure if it will stay that way though.

    Jane our last nest we found was right in the middle of the swan plant. They are cunning that is for sure.



    how do you stop them just planted new swan plants yesterday never had them before one I brought from the center already had a catipiller on it, today put them in the garden, right under my eyes this wasp dive bombed him and killed him.

    Can someone shed some light on how to get rid of this problem



    Have yesterday killed a fourth nest of the Asian Paper Wasp. This last one was on a swanplant!

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