Wanted: Someone to mind the shop!

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    Have you ever imagined yourself in charge of a shop? Or maybe when you were young you loved playing "shop".

    Well, here’s your big chance.

    We sell off our website and also trademe (http://trade.me/butterflytrust) about 20 different items. People either order by mail or on line, our treasurer (Carol) generates a receipt and then can email a copy to the shopkeeper (which could be you!) You would need to be able to hold a stock of all our various items, several boxes worth, in a dry place, and have a printer to print out the invoices, wrap the items and put them in the mail.

    We will supply you with envelopes, paper, ink cartridges and any other materials you may need – all you need to donate is the time to get the items away promptly and in a businesslike manner.

    If you’d like to give it a go, please phone Carol on 021 33 23 43 or email her on treasurer@monarch.org.nz, or Jacqui on 027 481 4811 or 09 551 3383 or jacqui@monarch.org.nz

    We would like to find someone to take over the job as soon as possible. The job would take 1-2 hours a week under normal circumstances, and it would be helpful if you were in Auckland but this is not essential.

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    Another point: There is no cash handling involved.



    I want to add that Carol has been doing an awesome job since Gloria retired, and before that Charlotte – but the job of treasurer is becoming bigger all the time and it’s too much for one person, far too much.

    So please don’t hesitate… feel free to inquire for more information.

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