Wasp Problem Mt Wellington Auckland

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    Hi All
    I am having a massive wasp problem and while I have read about plants that deter them, I think I am too late for this year. Will be better prepared next year.
    Do they eat the eggs and small hatchlings and maybe even kill larger caterpillars?
    We have covered up a lot of our plants with eggs on but now butterflies have started to lay on the mesh. I can’t find anything that says I can harvest the eggs from anything but leaves. Ideas anyone?
    Cheers Liz

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    Yes,yes and yes.

    The caterpillars on the net (the ones that escape the wasps) will eat their egg shell and wander through the net onto the plants. So the majority should be safe from wasps.

    Good luck with it Liz! If you want some eggs I have zillions here (Blockhouse Bay).



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