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    I have one comment, why can’t the New Zealand government ( Councils/DOC ) subsidize the extermination of wasp nests.
    I had to pay $200 for a professional to come and get rid of a huge nest in the drive way of 85 year old pensioner, as Auckland city council says no its on private property.
    That nest was a “Health and Safety” issue also, as the old guy reversed is car down past that hive.
    If the wasps had attacked that old man through his open window as he reversed down, they would have killed him !
    I’ve destroyed two nests on my property, but had to contact the New Zealand manufacture of the Wasp poison for the stronger poison, as the so called standard poison had no effect.
    They sent me the white powder “No wasps Insects” that has Carbaryl Apicide, not Permethrin as used in the standard wasp poison

    Regards ><{{{(*>
    John Seccombe

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