Wasps and Chrysalis

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    Can anyone tell me if wasps will eat the chrysalis of the Monarch butterfly? My daughter got me to put her swan plant in our camping shower tent to protect the caterpillars from wasps and so now we have about 40 chrysalis and only want to open the tent up if they will be safe.

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    In my experience wasps and ants will eat a diseased chrysalis. I would be concerned about the dry heat inside the tent and this would mean if the atmosphere is very dry then the butterflies will die before eclosing. I spray my chrysalides I have inside with a fine spray every morning to mimic the dew they get in the garden. I have seen them die like this. I like the fact your daughter wants to protect them – lovely. Caryl (Wellington)



    If you are concerned, simply isolate it in a separate field. Use a lid that would not allow a wasp or fly get away.I wouldn’t kill it. The worst a good way to occur is a bit creature will emerge here.



    They should be fine but do watch out for wasps. They will eat a chrysalis if they’re tempted but I think that perhaps caterpillars have a stronger smell/attraction

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