Welcome to CREATE BUTTERFLY HABITAT course (March)

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    Hello to Jo, Corran, Barrie and June, Gus, Pete, Owen, Sue, Kay, Shannon, Kim, Janine, Gordon and Raewyn… and anyone else I’ve forgotten

    Welcome to the Create Butterfly Habitat course for March. Please introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about your plans for a butterfly garden.

    I’m Jacqui and pretty active here in the MBNZT. Right now I’m very excited about the conference which takes place in just over two weeks (at Unitec, Mt Albert). I live in Blockhouse Bay, an Auckland in SW Central Auckland.

    I’ve had a growing interest in butterfly gardening for many years, and now feel quite happy about my “natural” garden. It has Monarchs, Admirals, Cabbage Whites of course… and I saw a Blue today – that was a thrill as I was able to point it out to a visitor. I love watching the Monarchs as they “perform”… but you’ll hear more about that during the course.

    Please introduce yourself, tell us what town or area you live in, what you’re hoping to learn and what you’re doing at present. Who’s going to go first? C’mon… be brave. Scroll down to the bottom of this page and add your thoughts.

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    Hello all,

    My name is Cate. I’m in Auckland and have just bought a house and am designing my garden, so want to take butterflies into consideration 🙂

    I have a few friends who are big monarch butterfly carers and their enthusiasm is infectious!

    I’m fairly new to flower gardening, but really love gardening in general, so I’m sure it’ll be a big learning curve and fun, especially if I succeed in creating a good butterfly habitat 🙂

    I look forward to it.

    Cheers, Cate



    Hi Sue here

    just taking time to ponder through before i start to ask questions. just wanting to create a butterfly friendly place, looking for tips and clues to reduce pests.

    Palmerston North continues dry and hot, with plenty of cabbage white around



    Seems like the others on the course are shy, Jo!



    Hello there everyone

    Once again we’re having problems with people using their school and government email addresses having access to Dropbox. This is easily fixed – please email me with your home email address, and I’ll sign that one up for you too. That way you can download the pdfs at home, save them onto a pen drive (a USB flash drive or a portable memory data storage device) and take them to your place of work to print them out/work with them.




    OK I’ll go 1st…. I’m Joanna (or Jo) and I live in Masterton. I work for the Regional Council in a job which involves plenty of fieldwork. This gives me excellent opportunities for butterfly/moth spotting!  This summer I’ve been breeding red and yellow admirals for release, also monarchs. I have 2 caterpillar castles which are great and i recommend them to anyone wanting to breed butterflies but don’t have a butterfly house.

    The garden we inherited (buying the house) was predominantly rose- which I find require too much work and too much water! The soil is terrible – very silty and compacted with little humus. It get waterlogged in winter (we can have days where the water just sits on top of the soil) then it’s the opposite in summer – like now – where it’s like concrete. We haven’t really had any rain since Christmas, so my garden plans will be to aim for introducing drought- tolerant plants as much as possible.

    As for the soil- alot of organic mulch and animal manure is required. I don’t really want to extend the garden too much, as I don’t want to add to my weekend chores any more than necessary. I guess I would like to replace some of the roses with butterfly-friendly shrubs and perhaps limit the annuals to tubs or similar (I’m thinking of minimal maintenance here!).

    That’s about it for now….. I am going to the conference and hope there will be a good turn-out as the topics sound great!!

    Cheers, Jo


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