Welcome to CREATE BUTTERFLY HABITAT course (Spring 2013)

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    Welcome to the Spring Create Butterfly Habitat Course. Please introduce yourself here and as you have questions, don’t hesitate to note them here where all sorts of people, in different locations around NZ – possibly even overseas – can offer their suggestions and advice.

    I’m Jacqui, some of the time I live in Blockhouse Bay where I have a garden designed especially for butterflies and food for me too. I’m a grandmother and a lot of my time is spent travelling around the North Island for my work.

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    Marion Nicholas

    I am Marion and I live in Huntly where I have a well established garden of over 50 years. Now I am getting older I have tried to make the gardens easier to handle.
    My friend Keith and I have been supporting the butterflies which are frequent visitors. We have swan plants and nettles for the Yellow Admiral which is not so frequent.
    I am considering adding to some gardens and establishing an area with Buddeleia and swan plants.




    Caroline from Grey Lynn school here in auckland. I have always been fascinated with insects and plants. Every year I bring swan plants into my room for the children to observe the incredible process of metamorphosis. I can’t wait to learn more about this fascinating creature and share it with my students and colleagues.


    Garston School

    Morning Maria and Jacqui – at last I’ve found the forum for the September course. Have been exploring dropbox thinking that was where we discussed things as well as collected info – let me know if I managed to upload my intro file! Hello Pat, when you get here!!
    from Suzie



    Hi there.
    I am Maria. I emigrated to NZ from Holland as a new bride in 1971. Jerry and I have 2 children and 4 grandchildren. We live in Henderson when not galavanting the globe. I am wanting to learn how to design a garden especially for butterflies. Now that I am slowing down (ahum) in my job I want to focus on my butterfly obsession 🙂 I have asked the family for gardenvouchers for my birthday next week 🙂

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