What constitutes a member?

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    This invitation for suggestions is to EVERYONE… We would love your ideas.

    People come across our website for various reasons and quite often choose to "join" – see the REGISTER button above.


    Although the explanation has been very well ‘broken down’ into the levels of membership people are still getting confused.

    Our trust deed refers to ‘members’ and that these people pay a subscription to us and in return receive newsletters (which are now magazines). BBpress, the program that we use for our forum, uses the word ‘member’ relating to the forum, and this cannot be changed.

    How can we make it clear to people that while joining the forum means they are a member of the forum they are not financial members and will therefore not receive the magazine. There are benefits in receiving the magazine as it is the most effective way of informing people of the plans and progress of our organisation.

    Some suggestions are to call the different membership levels by different names in a series, e.g.

    Bronze – Silver – Gold members

    Forum member – Citizen Scientist or Tagging Member – Financial Member

    Larva – Pupa – Imago

    Blue butterfly – Copper butterfly – Admiral butterfly

    Does anyone have any suggestions on that topic? If so, we would love to hear from yo.

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    I’ve now given myself, Kate and Carol different titles to see if it changes things. And have made inquiries about “batch upgrading” everyone too.

    What are your thoughts?



    Some forum software allows all sorts of options: Avatars, emoticons, friends and enemies lists, signatures, prestige rankings, preview your posting, and so forth.

    BBPress describes itself as “Simple and elegant forum software from the creators of WordPress.

    Elegant? I think so. I use many different forums, and I have to say that I don’t find any of them as easy on the eye as this one.

    Simple? Perhaps that’s a relative term. I haven’t had an opportunity to peer inside the workings of other forum software like I have bbpress, but if bbpress is “simple” then I hate to think what the others are like! But “simple” is a two edged sword. Simple to set up and run is great, but missing features that would be very useful isn’t.



    I’m with Jane’s proposal, the less membership grades the better and less confusing.



    Thanks for these comments (KEEP THEM COMING!).

    At present when people sign up for the forum it has not been possible to change their status to show ‘financial’ or ‘non-financial’ though. It has only been possible to upgrade them, i.e. give them more privileges – the right to delete or to moderate messages etc.

    However, I’ve just discovered we could create our own level of forum “membership”, and if it would be possible to change people’s status to “financial member” in one batch, then this might be a good option. I would hate to think our treasurer (or someone) be required to do them one by one…

    Anyone else got any bright ideas?



    “Financial member” and “Non financial member” is simple and indicates whether someone has contributed financially to the organisation.



    I’m in favour of Terry’s 1st suggestion – the 3 levels.
    Not crazy about the names such as “blue butterfly” etc – to me that sounds a bit ‘primary school’.



    How about “Financial member”, “General forum member”, “Scientific forum member” Or more simple and to the point “Financial member” and “Non financial member” This can show on the forum so others can distinguish between paid up members and those who contribute only to the forum.

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