What do you do with half a leaf?

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    My littlies haven’t been finishing off the leaves they start, and leaving holey leaves all over my 40cm plants. Is it best to take the leaves off or just leave them be? Hehe. I’m going to be getting tight for food soon, so I don’t want to be wasting anything, but encouraging new leaves would be helpful.

    Any suggestions? Also, I’m keen to buy a few more plants (Christchurch), who still has them currently?

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    Hehe cinnamon, been there done that…. : )

    WHat I do is gather up the pieces… well um, as many as poss… and get the finest thing handy at the time, ie little bulldog clip, clothes peg, what ever… and clip it to a branch somewheres where they are the most likely to come a cross it. It pretty much always works, and Ive had my pillars clean it up even when theres other leaves around… so the key is patience, and just putting the “bunch” in a strategic place; like where the pillars are hanging out at that time : ) .

    As is the case sometimes, the fat naughty things will munch a whole leaf off : | , so in that case I have a wee bottle with a wee plug in it with a hole in the center just the right size to put a leaf in there and it will keep for a very long time like that.

    Its not beyond me to put 1/2 a leaf in water, like if I get quite a few like this I just gather them all up and line them up together and put those in a little bottle but plug the sides with plastic or something so no pillars will get drowned.

    Of course if the pillar is in the right mood, you may be fortunate enough to actually get him/her to take your leaf right off you. This usually works when the plants getting a bit skinned. This method requires a steady hand and a very strategic method of “handing the goods over” : ). Practice makes perfect.

    Hope thats a few ideas for you.


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