What is eating my Swan Plant Seedlings


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    Monarchs Timberlea

    Hi hope you lovelies can help a newbie here.

    I have some seedlings which were in a protected area outside but some have been eaten by a bug that is not Aphids. I have not been able to find the culprit but hope someone can advise how can I stop this from happening. Brought remaining seedlings into the house but keep them all in here
    Thank you in advance

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    Best time to look? As molluscs (slugs and snails) are busy during the night… just before you go to bed at night.

    I got 60 the other night from on my plants. Some of my plants are 2 metres tall, and they were right up the top. Some were out of reach! I suppose I could have got a stepladder or something BUT it’s just bad enough wandering around the garden at night when it’s windy and wet. 🙂 Imagine the kerfuffle if I fell off. What would the neighbours think!

    BTW, whereabouts are you Monarchs Timberlea – are you in NZ?


    Monarchs Timberlea

    Oh my gosh really? Dirty little beggars. Thank you Leslie I will go check every pot right now.



    suspect slugs and snails … they loooove swan plant seedlings. I recommend you check under the pots of the survivors , right into the gaps at the bottom and all along the top of the container and under the rims. They will hide and come out and scoff the rest when you think they are safe. Some slugs can be tiny so quite hard to detect.

    good luck

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