When to plant out swan plants/seeds?

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    Hi everyone. We had a really fun season for monarchs last year 🙂 my girl loved it! It was our first time. For this year when do I plant our swan plant seeds? And have the swan plants outside? We have a glass house so will start a supply now if needed. This year hoping not to runout of food again

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    Yes, Errol is right – but if you don’t have a glasshouse you can use a sunny windowsill instead. Or some people plant them out and use the top 3/4 of a 1.5 litre drink bottle as a cloche to give them a bit of an advantage. At Saint Kentigern College, they are growing theirs in egg shells as pots. When they’re big enough they plant them out in the egg shell – good fertiliser.

    There are lots of ideas in our magazine that’s at the printers right now, and it’s a great time to take out a subscription as there are lots of free seeds to go with the sub. Hope that helps!



    If you’ve got a glasshouse, then yes try sowing some seeds in pots now. Then depending where you live for climate (ie frost), transplant the seedlings outside later when they are bigger.

    Good luck.

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